First Watsu Sessions a Success!

       After 2 weeks of giving Watsu sessions in the warm and inviting waters of Escondido Place, survey says... that Watsu is going to take off here in Mexico! 

       The initial response from clients has been very positive.  Although, some clients had trouble even putting their experience into words --yes, it's that powerful!  Many recipients who were experiencing pain in a variety of areas reported that the gentle rhythmic movements and stretches and the warm thermal waters gently coaxed their bodies into relaxation. Some said the heat and minerals of the water aided in releasing toxins from their bodies.  Other clients said that the therapy worked very deeply on an emotional and spiritual level.

      If you still haven't given Watsu a try, now is the perfect time!  Next week, I will be continuing the %45 discount (450p + 100p entrance fee) out at Escondido Place.  The days I will be giving sessions will depend on demand, but generally you can count on Wednesdays.

Hope to see you in the water soon!

Posted on April 24, 2014 .