Ways to Calm the Mind

      Many times during sessions, my clients often comment that they find it challenging to slow their minds.  They say that they are aware of almost constant mind chatter that impedes them from experiencing inner peace and quiet.

      This is something that the majority of people experience do varying degrees I believe.  There are, however, ways that you can take initiative and calm your inner space so that you can experience more intensely and joyfully the present moment.  Here is a short list of practical ways you can sharpen your awareness, be centered and clear your mind of chatter:

  • spend 5 minutes doing any activity with intense presence.  ie; walking up the stairs, washing the dishes, pruning flowers or cleaning.  Make the activity into a "being."  Feel, listen, move, taste, etc with absolute awareness.  Any mental commentary that comes up, just let it go.  Observe, witness, be in this moment.


  • Sit in a comfortable position without distractions.  Ask yourself the question: "I wonder what my next thought will be?'  And then, like a cat waiting for a mouse to come out of it's hole, be there waiting and watching but in a relaxed, playfull state.  You may find that your mind quiets right down!
  • When you receive your next massage or Watsu, be like a witness.  Follow the points of contact of the therapist's hands.  See where it goes next.  If you are trully connected to your awareness, your mind will be quiet (or at least quieter!).  If your mind tries to pull you out of this pure awareness, just notice it and go back to the sensations of the session.  The body is a gateway to a deeper inner state, so walk through it and experience a natural state of peace!
Posted on November 10, 2016 .