A Pain in the Neck!

What to do When You Have a Pinched Nerve.

A pinched nerve occurs when there's compression (pressure) on a nerve which can cause a lot of pain and hinder movement. It is important that if you have a pinched nerve you take care of it ASAP as it may become a real "pain in the neck."

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, correct posture, and regular exercise can help prevent compression on nerves. Avoid repetitive movements and keeping any part of your body in the same position for prolonged periods of time, if you must then make sure to take regular breaks and do some stretching exercises.

You will find more information and various ways to treat a pinched nerve in the neck in the article 7 Insane (But Effective) Ways to Treat a Pinched Nerve in Your Neck

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Posted on August 29, 2017 .