The Best choice for Watsu in San Miguel

If you live in San Miguel or are just visiting and want to experience something very unique and deeply healing, you won't want to miss the opportunity to try Watsu.

Watsu (Water + Shiatsu) was created in Harbin Hotsprings, California in 1980 when Harold Dull started floating people in warm, body-temperature water while applying the stretches and principles of Zen Shiatsu which he previously studied in Japan.  Watsu is a gentle form of bodywork performed in warm water (around 37º C / 98º F) and combines the elements of massage, joint mobilization, Shiatsu, muscular stretching and artistic movement.

Having the body submerged in warm water, takes advantage of less gravity and allows muscles, joints, spinal column and other areas to be gently manipulated and stretched while achieving a greater range of motion.   Contact with the water also provides a freedom of movement like no other and makes this technique one of the most relaxing and expressive forms of massage that exists. 

In a professional Watsu session, the practitioner supports and cradles the receiver's head, body and limbs in the most nurturing of ways.   He gently propels her body through the water in sweeping arcs, rhythmic pendulums and figure-eights.  He may pause occasionally to apply a therapeutic stretch, open an energetic channel or simply to enjoy a moment of stillness.  Once again, the fluid motion gradually returns and this nurturing, dance-like progression continues.   Upon the completion of the session, if the receiver has succeeded in "letting go" of inner-blockages (mental/emotional/physical), he or she can often experience an increased state of self-awareness, inner-connection and genuine bliss.


Benefits of Watsu

  • Increased range of motion of joints

  • Increased respiratory capacity.

  • Muscular elongation and relaxation

  • Pain relief from muscle spasms

  • Energetic balancing

  • Increased Self-awareness

  • Increased Well-being

Location of sessions

Watsu sessions will take place at Escondido Place Hotsprings which are 15 minutes outside of San Miguel.  Enjoy this local favorite with its dome-like covered pools, natural beauty and body temperature water!

It is advisable to make your appointment for the mid-week days and during the early hours of the morning (8am to 11 am) since we use the public pools since there are less people during these times.

Appointments are made by calling +52 (415) 114-8469 or by email:



1200 pesos / hr

This Includes:

  • 60 minute Watsu session

  • Full day pass to the Hotsprings

  • Transportation TO the Hotsprings. (You can stay longer and take taxi back or arrange to come back with David)


Learn more about Watsu by watching the following videos:

 Video 1: Visual Essence of Watsu

Video 2:  Watsu with Aquadinamic (underwater movements)

  • go to minute 5:00 to see basic underwater movements

  • go to minute 7:00 to see advanced underwater movements

Watsu Mi sw 13.jpg



Watsu: An Essential Therapy

By Mittie Roger.


          Everyone loves a good massage.  Whether long hours traveling, exciting days jam-packed with activities, or just the daily grind, massage is an amazing way to let go of physical and emotional stress, leaving you rejuvenated for what’s ahead.  I’ve been curious about Watsu, a type of massage done in warm water. I’ve heard it’s particularly relaxing, putting you in an almost trance-like state as your tension melts away.

          Watsu (Water Shiatsu) got its start in Harbin Hotsprings, California in 1980 when Harold Dull floated people in a warm pool while stretching and applying principles of Zen Shiatsu, which he studied in Japan.  Watsu is a gentle form of physical therapy, performed in warm water (about 37° C / 98°F). The receiver is continuously supported by a practitioner or therapist while being back-floated, rhythmically cradled, moved, stretched, and massaged, combining elements of massage, joint mobilization, shiatsu, muscle stretching and dance art.

          Weightless in the water, joints, muscles and soft tissues can stretch effortlessly, energetic blockages dissipate and the body experiences a true freedom of movement.  I could imagine it perfectly – the slow fluid motion of Tai Chi with the elegance and grace of water ballet. I was fascinated and decided to find it here in San Miguel de Allende.

          My first experience with Watsu was with David Galitzky of Essential Massage and Watsu.  I arrived at the private pool and was escorted to a private bathroom with shower before the appointment.  The water itself was the perfect temperature, just warm enough to soothe my tired body, and I immersed myself in it.  He started by checking how comfortable I was floating in the water and how much natural buoyancy I had.

          Since I sunk like a stone, he added flotation devices to my calves giving me a weightless sensation in the water.  Then he cradled me in his arms, gently pushing and pulling me through the water, allowing my body to continue the impulse he’d started.  His transitions were so smooth I couldn’t tell where one movement ended and another began. 

          Gliding through the water, stretching, allowing the density of the water to support my body in conjunction with muscular massage– it was downright magical.  I had the sense of losing myself in the warm water, forgetting where my limbs end and the water begins.  To close the session, he supported me upright against the wall of the pool, performed some gentle neck massage and then released contact.  It took some moments before I felt ready to open my eyes and come back to earthly reality.  It was truly an incredible experience.

          For me, massage is quintessential to my health and well-being, and maintaining my travel momentum.  I love being active and keeping my body free of knots and pain makes all the difference.  If massage isn’t regular part of your life, I suggest you try it out.  For me, it’s a must. So, whether traveling to or through San Miguel, check out this deeply relaxing and mindful type of massage.        


Cell:    +52 1 (415) 114-8469